How You Can Be Driving A MOBE Mercedes
In The Next 30 Days…

Ready To Qualify For Your MOBE Merc?

John Chow
Vancouver, BC

Junjun Li
New York

Carolina Milan

Daegan Smith
Washington DC

Bill & Michelle Pescosolido
Frisco, Texas

For all MOBE Licensees:

If you’ve ever wanted to drive your own Mercedes Benz, then read this entire page.

I’m about to show you how, and the best part is, it’s actually quite easy.

Here’s How

If you’re in the MOBE License Rights Program, you simply need to make just 5 License sales yourself…

…and you’re now in a position to go to your local Mercedes dealership, and drive out in your own MOBE Merc.

It really is that easy!

Once you get those 5 sales, you now qualify.

You’ll be able to lease one of the latest model Mercs, and, I’ll take care of that months bill.

Then all you need to do to have me pay the lease each month, is keep up your monthly volume (don’t worry- it’s not hard, and you’re just repeating what you’ve already done once).

You might be wondering, why am I willing to buy you a Mercedes for so few sales…I’ll tell you…

I want the MOBE Partner program, to be the
#1 Partner Program in entire home business industry.

Mike Lee (Platinum Member):
“Here’s me and my new MOBE Merc.”

I want MOBE partners like you to get paid more money for their traffic than any other partner program will pay them.

And, I also want to provide perks for the best partners too…

Like having them all driving around in brand spankin’ new Mercs!

Just imagine pulling into your driveway with your brand new MOBE Merc.  It’s closer than you think!

“Ok Matt, there’s gotta be a catch… How do I get my MOBE Merc, and is this for real?”

Yes, it’s very real. The catch is, you need to be a M.O.B.E.
Licensee to get the Merc, just like the people below…

Darren Salkeld
Winnipeg, Canada

Mike Lee
Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Bill & Michelle Pescosolido
Frisco, Texas

Robby Gonzales

Chris Prefontaine

Clinton Lewis Jr
Las Vegas

Rob Paris

David Gilks


If you’re not already a MOBE Licensee, you can join here it only takes a few minutes.

More success stories have been created out of that program than just about any other in our industry.  Don’t believe me?

Check out these case studies and you’ll see some of them…

Once you’re a MOBE Licensee, just get your first 5 MLR sales.

You’ll then get an email from my team, with the subject line: “Congrats, you now qualify for your MOBE Merc!”

(won’t that be exciting!)

You’ll then go down to your local Mercedes Benz dealer.  There’s lots of different Merc models available, so just choose whichever one takes your fancy.

Then turn to the dealer, and say “I’ll take that one!”

You can choose whatever Merc, in whatever color you want.

Whatever tickles your fancy, choose that one.

As long as it’s a Merc, and it’s more recent than 2008, I’m ok with paying for it.

Your monthly lease payments will be taken care of, provided you keep up your MOBE monthly volume of sales (more on this in a bit).

Now, as you probably guessed, not all Mercs are created equal… Some are $30,000 models.  Others are $300,000 models.

So, what I’ve done, is created 2 levels which you can choose from:  Base, and Luxury.

(there’s actually a 3rd called ‘Exotic,’ but that is only for the very top MOBE partners, and is ‘invite only’).

Here’s how it all breaks down:

Base Level:
($600 / month)
Luxury Level:
($1,200 / month)
Points Required: Points Required:
5 10

Here’s the Point Structure:

A MOBE License Rights sale = 1 point
A Titanium Mastermind sale = 3 points
A Platinum Mastermind sale = 5 points

“How many points do I need to get my
MOBE Merc?”

Once you’ve got 5 points (or just 5 MOBE License Sales) you now qualify.  Congratulations!

You only need 5 MLR sales, and the MOBE Merc is yours!

“What happens if I get more points in a given month? Do they spill over into the next month?”

YES, once you are enrolled in the MOBE Merc Program all points will accumulate!

If you have a great month, where you get, say, 30 points,  then your monthly lease payments are now taken care of for the next 6 months.

Theoretically, you could take a 6 month ‘around-the-country’ road trip in your brand new MOBE Merc, and not worry about a thing.

Not that you’d want to though, because you can be making a lot more sales.

“What if I want to get a really, really nice Mercedes… like a $200,000 one?”

Go for it!  The first MOBE Mercedes ever awarded was a $120,000 SL Class Roadster, just like the one on the right. Except it was white, not grey.  It’s a beautiful car – and, literally parks itself!

The higher end Mercs have more expensive monthly lease payment, but, you can easily choose the Luxury Level which pays up to $1,200 of the monthly lease.  For top partners who bring in consistent sales, this is what I recommend.

For All Recipients Of The MOBE Merc:
On Stage” Recognition At An Event

If you work hard, and you get just 5 sales, I will hand you the keys to your new MOBE Merc on stage at one of our live events.

The entire audience will HONOR you, and you’ll walk around for the rest of that event with looks of admiration and respect.

This is a HUGE career & branding booster for anyone involved.

So to sum up… if you’ve ever wanted to drive a Mercedes, you can stop putting it off till ‘one day.’

Instead, lets make it happen for you in MOBE, and, sooner rather than later.

I want to see YOU in a photo, standing next to your very own MOBE Merc.

You know you deserve it.

Talk soon,

Matt Lloyd